Founded in 2005, Nalpeiron is one of the pioneers in cloud computing, taking what used to be on-premise systems and offering them as a cloud service. Much has changed in the computing business since those early days and Nalpeiron has continuously innovated over that time and still offers the best-in-class Cloud-Based Software Licensing Platform called Zentitle.

Many of the team that created the early versions of our service still work at the company, over 10 years later, and the reason for that is our company culture of allowing each person to live their lives how it suits them while serving the company and their teammates at the same time.

All staff may work remotely wherever they wish. They can express themselves no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation, or background - we are a very diverse and accepting set of people spread across the globe.

We employ people of all ages, and we value their contribution first and foremost. We abhor company politics and prefer colleagues that "get on with their jobs" and are passionate about creating the best product for our customers - many Customers have also stayed with us for over 10 years.

We have a flat company structure, everyone takes part, everyone has a say and we appreciate the value of everyone's experience when we make decisions.

In summary, we are a stable, growing, reliable, and profitable business employing a band of technical operators who love making the best products for our enterprise software customers.