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Located in the US

Senior C Systems developer (cross-platform) – Enterprise SaaS Software (since 2005) - Remote

Nalpeiron, the parent of Zentitle, provides an industry-leading Cloud-Based Software Licensing Platform (SAAS) that's easy to integrate and deploy, with a proven platform, world-class support, and over 17 years delivering to enterprise-level software companies.

We are a stable, growing, reliable, and profitable business employing a band of technical operators who love making the best products for our enterprise software customers.

Nalpeiron is seeking a seasoned engineer to lead our client-side team. The role includes maintenance, support, and development for existing and new cross-platform, POSIX-compatible C code base.

The output is a range of example code kits for our software developer clients to use to connect to our server-side systems to assist with deploying their products on our platform. We have an extensive existing code base for reference and will be looking for the development of new versions of these client code kits.

The work will include continued code-base development, build system support, customer support, and the creation of robust test plans based on design specs and SW requirements.

Successful candidates will collaborate with the rest of engineering, marketing/sales, and customers to identify, build, and deliver the right features for Zentitle2, the next generation of our highly successful SAAS platform (with 100s millions of end users). Working with our 'lean' processes and agile development is critical as we value rapid 'data-based' feature development.

Strong experience with the software development lifecycle is required. Familiarity with enterprise software development is a bonus.

The ideal candidate will have developed software licensing, entitlement management, or DRM code in the past.

The role requires:

  • 5+ years of C/C++ experience
  • 2+ years of Java (including JNI) experience
  • Expert in Linux/Unix environment development
  • Knowledge of Linux, Mac OS, Unix, and Windows operating system internals
  • Working knowledge of development tools such as debuggers (gdb, lldb, etc.), profilers and tracing utilities (valgrind, strace, dtrace, etc.)
  • Hands-on multithreading experience with POSIX threads.
  • Hands-on socket/network experience Experience with automated build systems.
  • Strong scripting and automation skills using one or more of C/C++, Unix shell, Cygwin, or similar experience with make
  • Experience with command line tools, such as awk, sed, etc.
  • Experience using Wireshark to evaluate and/or troubleshoot networking issues
  • Basic understanding of encryption and encryption toolsets.
  • Demonstrated creative and critical thinking capabilities along with strong troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to work independently while managing multiple task assignments
  • Strong initiative, written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to prioritize and complete multiple tasks with limited supervision, all remote
  • Intellectual curiosity, humility, accountability, and a positive approach
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Technical degree and PM qualifications are strongly preferred.

Job Compensation & benefits

This is a full-time position, working from your own home office but working with a local team and meeting once a month, with excellent career prospects as we grow.

  • Hours: Flexible full-time working hours (from home, no commute, based in the US). 5-day Work Week.
  • Compensation: $80-120,000 Based on experience
    Stock options: % Available, role eligible to earn incentive compensation
  • Learning Benefits: We provide an annual stipend to pursue your choice of professional training opportunities, including workshops, classes, books, etc
  • Benefits Package: 20-25 Days Paid Holidays. Paid sick leave and paid parental leave.
  • Medical: Medical stipend in addition to base salary
  • Technology: Latest high-end PC equipment and related Software
  • Home office costs: contribution to the internet and home setup costs

More about Nalpeiron

Founded in 2005, Nalpeiron is one of the pioneers in cloud computing, taking what used to be on-premise systems and offering them as a cloud service. Much has changed in the computing business since those early days, and Nalpeiron has continuously innovated over that time and still provides the best-in-class Cloud-Based Software Licensing Platform called Zentitle.

Many of the team that created the early versions of our service still work at the company, over ten years later, and the reason for that is our company culture of allowing each person to live their lives how it suits them while serving the company and their teammates at the same time.

All staff may work remotely wherever they wish. They can express themselves no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation, or background - we are a very diverse and accepting set of people spread across the globe.

We employ people of all ages, and we value their contribution first and foremost. We abhor company politics and prefer colleagues that get on with their jobs and are passionate about creating the best product for our customers - many Customers have also stayed with us for over ten years.

We have a flat company structure. Everyone takes part, everyone has a say, and we appreciate the value of everyone's experience when we make decisions.

In summary, we are a stable, growing, reliable, and profitable business employing a band of technical operators who love making the best products for our enterprise software customers.

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